Christian Integrity


The mission of this blog is to improve Christian Integrity. What does this mean? First let me explain the problem. There are messages being disseminated that are not supported in the biblical sense unless being wildly taken out of context by people who say they are Christians. There are people I know and people I don't … Continue reading Christian Integrity

Blog Correction: Ananias Confusion

I believe part of being a good Christian is being able to accept when you've made a mistake and to humble ourselves in acknowledgement of that mistake. This post is to do that and to correct an idea or thought I have mistakenly presented to those who read it. I realized the mistake on my … Continue reading Blog Correction: Ananias Confusion

Gentleness: A Christian Quality

A Christian without gentleness is like a carpenter without a hammer, or a computer programmer without a keyboard. Gentleness is a requirement of being Christian. In fact, gentleness has always been a part of being righteous. Here are some examples of Proverbs 15 that I believe speak to gentleness. Proverbs 15 1   A gentle answer … Continue reading Gentleness: A Christian Quality

Does the Holy Spirit Bring Perfection?

Does the Holy Spirit make us perfect and righteous or does it influence us to be perfect and righteous? You may ask why this question is important. It is important because if it makes us perfect, "true believers" are more righteous than the rest. Not only are we not allowed to look down on other … Continue reading Does the Holy Spirit Bring Perfection?

The Role of the Church

If we understand only what is provided to us from doctrine, we put our faith in man, instead of God. God imprinted his law and knowledge of him on our hearts and minds. He did this so all men and women would know him and be drawn to him. Jeremiah 31:31-34 31 “The days are coming,” … Continue reading The Role of the Church

The Christian Journey: The Destination – Jesus

In every journey there is a destination. This is the place you wanted to end up before you started the Journey. The Christian Journey begins with accepting and believing in Jesus, and a willingness to change by agreeing to turn away from sin. The Christian Journey ends with Jesus. Along the Christian Journey we are … Continue reading The Christian Journey: The Destination – Jesus

The Christian Journey: Dealing With Obstacles – Part 3: Ourselves

In this final piece of dealing with obstacles, we look at the final obstacle, ourselves. We are often our own biggest obstacle because we like the feeling of doing what we want, what is comfortable, what is safe, and what is familiar to us. Our Christian Journey has one path to Jesus, but in this … Continue reading The Christian Journey: Dealing With Obstacles – Part 3: Ourselves

Bible Study: Romans 9 – What to make of it?

This post is going to be my written version of a bible study session regarding Romans 9. There are definitely disagreements among Christians on the significance and message of some of the things Paul writes in Romans chapter 8 and 9, but I don't think those disagreements should be as significant as they are. One … Continue reading Bible Study: Romans 9 – What to make of it?