The Travel Ban… Christian?

This is another example of serving two masters. There is absolutely nothing Christian about preventing a group of people from entering your land because of their beliefs or out of fear of injury resulting from their entry. There are many Christian groups all over the country who oppose the travel ban (WorldRelief.Org Letter) and there … Continue reading The Travel Ban… Christian?

Christianity, Politics and Social Media

I've talked about these topics already, and as many of you know something pretty eventful happened in politics this week. I don't really want to talk about the specific politics of what is happening, as I'd like to keep my personal feelings about this to myself. However, I do want to point out some examples … Continue reading Christianity, Politics and Social Media

Christians and Political Party Affiliation

I've spent a large chunk of my life hoping for a political figure that would bring the country together and fix very broken things that would be easy to fix if we all just worked together. I'd say at least half of my life has been spent worried about our political situation, and hoping but … Continue reading Christians and Political Party Affiliation